Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Inventory Oaks (5)

White Oak 1 in 12x12' douglas fir column removed from building north 12th st. plywood, mdf, homemade compost, concrete chunk, clip light

White Oak 2 in particle board box, concrete chunk, tree of heaven twigs, homemade compost, x-mas tree chips from mccaron park, clip light

Red Oak 3 in plywood box w/ piano wood, homemade compost, x-mas tree chips, tree of heaven twigs, concrete chunks, coral, red worms,

Red Oak 4 (box shared with RO3) separated by fir shingle

Pin Oak 4 in ceramic container, northside brooklyn compost, x-mas chips

White Oak 6 in AR speaker, recycled dirt from palm tree, wood chips from blue spruce,

Red Oak 7 in metal pot, northside brooklyn compost, (stump from tree of heaven removed from backyard not included)

Pin Oak 8 in plastic Folgers coffee container, NBC

Pin Oak 9 in plastic container, NBC,
* Plaster 1" cube for scale, all sculptures in development and not as pictured.

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