Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ken Butler and Perry Hoberman at artMovingProjects

166 N.12th St, between Bedford and Berry Sts., Williamsburg (917-301-6680, 917-301-0306).
Subway: L to Bedford Ave.Thu-Sun, 1pm - 6pm
Opening 7-9 Opening Saturday September 8th - October 14th

Ken Butler

Drawing and Driving

Ken Butler re-visits a childhood obsession with exotic racing car prototypes and model building and presents a 40ft. slot car track along with a stable of 1/32nd scale “hybrid” slot cars constructed from found objects.

In addition, a suite of detailed drawings elaborate this theme, along with other works that extend the artist’s ongoing exploration of sound and image installations.
Bicycles, pianos, projectors, musical chairs, racing cars, and
dinosaurs are subjected to transformation and re-construction.

In addition, the artist presents a sit-down race-driving simulator
(with steering wheel and pedals) utilizing a Playstation 2 and Gran
Turismo 4.*(We are looking for a hacker to crack this simulator so we can
race the faster cars without taking all the tests. )If you can do this please contact me.

While in high school in Portland, Oregon, the artist won a
first-in-state award from The Fischer Body Company Craftsman’s Guild
for the design and construction of a sports car prototype, laboriously
carved from sugar pine. He had dreams of going to Europe to work with
high-end automobile design firms like Pininfarina, Bertone, Zagato, and
the like.

Project Space

Perry Hoberman

Monday, July 16, 2007

Barak Obama and thoughts on Anarchy

acrylic on panel 30x30" in progress aron namenwirth

It is argued that Obama lacks experience in politics. This is a good thing in that less time has been spent taking bribes and favors that will need to be reciprocated. I have been watching documentaries on anarchy. The more I think about it the more their arguments ring true.
What has happened to activism? I am not endorsing bombs but protesting. Democratic government seems ineffective in protecting the interests of those it's supposed to serve. Instead politicians seem only concerned with protecting their interests.
Will Hillary Clinton withdraw from Iraq or is she in with Big Business? I am afraid she has already answered this question. Are there any anarchists left or is assimilation complete?

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