Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Abu Graib (Destroyed)

Zero Dark Thirty

So just saw this movie, Nancy kinda dragged me and thank you Nancy. I found it hard to watch and it forced me to think about my paintings as did my trip up To the University of Ct. for Gus Mazzocca's roast and celebration of a brillant teaching career.
As any of you who read this would probably know i have been struggling a bit in the object making department. This is obviously due to the collection on my own work and others work over the years and meditations on the hoarding of my mother and responsibilities of the work that i did not destroy of hers. Well to make a long story short, I felt re-inspired to try and deal with the heavy political content that i was avoiding looking for a pixel painting from around 2005 that was the laying of images of tortured terrorists. A sadistic work that like so many was never shown outside of my studio, wrong it hung in a modern furniture store out in Long Island for a while like 2 years. Well i thought i might take a look at it maybe remove the many layers of light protective varnish and see what happens, recycling as we call it, those of us artists with massive inventory.
Well it appears I destroyed it. This morning i started surfing google to find an image no luck so far.
Found this:

 Aron Namenwirth "War Crimes Abu Graib" untitled 14, acrylic on panel 36"x48" 2004 (Destroyed)

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