Monday, May 24, 2010

Inventory Oaks (3)

Red Oak 20 in particleboard box homemade dirt, wood chips from christmas trees mccaron park

Red Oak 21 in Ikea drawer, homemade dirt, redworms

Red Oak 22 in Ikea drawer, Brooklyn Northside Compost, wood chips from x-mas trees mccarron park
White Oak 23 in plastic container dirt Northside Brooklyn Compost, tree of heaven twigs, red worms, (streetside)

Red Oak 24 in box made from plywood, pine, and cherry, dirt from Brooklyn Northside composting
Red Oak 25 in inverted plywood pedestal left by William Stone, homemade dirt

Pin Oak 26 in box made from driftwood, pine, and mdf. homemade dirt

Pin Oak 27 in Stonyfield 32 oz. yogurt container, homemade dirt

Pin Oak 28 in generic plastic container, homemade dirt, outside in enclosure on North 12th st.

White Oak 29 Painting pallet cabinet from The University of Connecticut art school(stolen not by me) chunk of concrete, 1" square of plaster painted gold, knobs and hinges removed, soil from discarded palm tree.

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Hey came across your blog when searching for compost tips. Nice Site

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