Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Positive

Overwatered Brislecone Pine and dead kittens

Best to mist and water in a.m. so they get a chance to dry off. This little guy got sprayed at night
by Jay Davis over watering will kill as many if not more seedlings- the irrigation system with bubbler to open, and plastic pot did not help. On a total downer- I found a couple of kittens in the back yard, they were wet and crying so I put them in a box to bring to Northside animal rescue. But, Nancy told me to put them back. I buried them this morning, and while cutting down the tree of heaven that will not die discovered 2 more. Too young for adoption. We are leaving them. :(

Monday, July 26, 2010

white powdery mold

Sycamore seedlings are growing fast the largest are about 8" bigger than some of the oaks,
from research it seems direct sunlight is recommended at this point. Mine have been inside under energy saving bulbs. The high humidity and heat has resulted in the growth of what is
called white powder mold. The home remedy for this non- fatal but unsightly hitch hiker is a spray of 1 gallon water mixed with 1 tablespoon baking soda and 1 teaspoon of dish washing detergent.
It is recommended to spray one plant and see how it responds. The result i got was a not so happy looking plant with the mold dispersing into splotches, I recommend putting the solution
on a cotton tip swab and gently removing the mold. Throw away after each leaf so not to spread mold.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pin Oak in tube Jill in Hot Tub

This is the 15th tree planted on Block Island. Here seen with a cedar wood fired hot tub with ocean view in other direction.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pin Oak BI

John Gasner with tree tube- photos taken with Droid/ next to Robert Venturi House

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sugar Maple Bloomfield

1: Sycamore Seedling- If you are going to attemp to grow this tree from seed expect a low success rate. for every ten seeds less then 1 will make it. So harvest a lot of seed it will need to be kept for 3 months at below 40 degrees keep them moist I use damped paper towel in clear zip lock bags. I think colder is better. Then in march or april expose to light I prefer those new energy saving bulbs natural spectrum. You should notice some green sprouting at which i separate and pot. It would make sense to separate seed early before bagging.
2: 4 sycamores to fight it out in tube in front of old Norfork Pine freed from climbing rose bushes.
3: Sycamore in tree tube next to wild choke berry that will probably get cut down.
bottom:This sugar maple planted in Bloomfield Connecticut last year shot up 3 feet reaching 7 feet.
This came as good news from my father in law who sprayed it diligently with deer repellent.
making it the 3rd largest tree in the project(Neo-earthworks).

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Adirondacks and Massachucetts

Plant circled Hemlock from LSP (click to enlarge) group taking to BI
White Pine from Tolland Mass.
White Birch note: this tree grows as a grove, the young trees are connected to larger trees through thick shallow roots, I took a big piece 10" it had a few smaller roots and fat connecting root. Thought about treating with rooting hormone- These trees like moist undercover.
Like most young trees they do not like direct sunlight. When outside, I like to keep them under trees or arbor.
2 sugar maples lsp
London Plane/Sycamore from seed Mccaron Park Brooklyn planted in woods in Tolland Mass.

London Plane/Sycamore camp site 60 little sand point state park adirondacks ny grown from seed as above.

Long horn asian beetle found little sand point campground- called helpline got message left # no call back, brought these to camp guide he said that they were not looking for this but the invasive emerald borer beetle- I told him in Brooklyn the long horn was serious business, he said he would get the camp log. We killed twice as many as pictured seemed like they were falling out of the trees doing alot of flying around and mating.

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