Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Inventory (oaks) 2

Red Oak 30 generic plastic container, homemade dirt, tree of heaven twigs, (inside 2x4 enclosure made to protect street tree on north 12th street)

Red Oak 31 Discarded Cabinet, ceramic container, fiesta ware saucer, concrete chunk, coral,
homemade dirt,
Pin Oak 32, white veneer particleboard drawer (unknown brand) knob, homemade dirt, redworms, red string, tree of heaven twigs-

White Oak 33, solid wood drawer w/ fake veneer face, homemade dirt, coconut husk topping,
Pin Oak 34 6x7" white veneer particle board drawer (unknown crappy brand) homemade dirt,
red worms
Pin Oak 35 6x7" Ikea Drawer, Glass table, homemade dirt, red worms, sprouted 1/10

Pin Oak 36 6x6" Ikea drawer, homemade dirt, redworms, sprouted 2010

Red Oak 37 5x6" particle board, latex paint, drawing by: Emelio Perez
sprouted: 2010

Red Oak 38 8x11.5" EPI speaker, optimus receiver, realistic speaker, mac mini computer, homemade dirt,
mushrooms, red worms, red cross over wire, speaker wire, music: Tom Moody "Yog 2012"
note: EPI tweeter fried now using realistic speaker sound now has deeper bass, video coming.
Pin Oak 39 toaster oven, Macintosh Computer, homemade dirt, 2 concrete chunks, tree of heaven twigs.

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