Friday, December 31, 2010

Brooklyn Blizzard 2010

top: 47 seedlings buried in 3 feet on snow
middle: Burr Oak seedling/pre-bonsai
bottom: Sycamore Seedling/pre-bonsai

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bristlecone Pine

Bristlecone Pine in inverted Pedestal 12x12x12" variable 2010 (Seen Outside Backyard Studio)
There has been some questioning if Bristlecone Pine makes good Bonsai. This one is in the studio which hovers between freezing and the 50's through the winter. I have had it since the late summer, so am not familiar with seasonal care.
Neglect is the name of the game in taking care of them. I treat it like a cactus water once every two weeks or much less in the winter. Let the sandy soil dry out completely. Last one died from over-watering. I shifted it out of the center of the box so far growth has been extremely slow. Although with the shift I found that the roots were really spreading out so I hope in the spring for a little spurt.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Late Fall Colors

White Oak seedling wintering outside in Williamsburg Brooklyn in a spruce log from Block Island Rhode Island. Looks like the trees may have a new home in the spring at the Moore Street Market in Bushwick. This being part of a new project of Austin Thomas founder of the beloved Pocket Utopia. This space comes as part of Brooklyn Economic Development Corporation and % for art where Austin will make a outdoor social setup of some kind looking 2 years into the future. So short of some disruption expect a new avante guard in this new exciting location.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Auction for MS

"The Painter" ink on paper 18x12" 2010
Find this and many other pieces of art at the Abbey a fund raiser for MS
some artists:
abbey ryan
tania cross
justin matherly
davina semo
alejandro almanza
erica baum
birgit rathsmann
emily noelle lambert
dan kopp
scott healy
shane wilson
jay davis
dan rushton
graham parks
greg vore
aron namenwirth
emilio perez
will smith
chris dunlap
oliver michaels
helena peterson
timothy gannon
benjamin dowell
chris smith
alicia gibson
claudia pena
david malek
barbara choit
ana wolovick
nathan gwynne
adam frezza
rafeal taylor
carla edwards
johnny lancaster
patricia valencia
timothy gannon

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