Sunday, April 29, 2007


In my painting I want to create connections between and across vast
territories, both conceptually as well as physically. I have focused on
the digitized image, our new collective memory, which can so easily be
erased or changed, creating an alternate reality. When zoomed in on, an
image reveals its deceptive and fragmented nature. Or a perfect
homogeneity of order.

Tiny squares in different colors: the pixel which in the digital image
is the smallest unit or building block is isolated. When recombined and
zoomed-out, it makes new relationships. Here the personal and the
political cohabitate.

The paintings are made from images pixelated to hide identity or protect
the innocent from identity theft, much in the way written information
is coded. They are screen shots of a super-hero culture, camouflaged
in denial and consumer comfort. The subjects come from photographs,
either taken by me or found on the internet: lines of people waiting to
vote, shopping at Wal-Mart, grid codes, internet pornography, collateral
damage, Darfur and the Sudan, the rainforest, Antarctica, prophets,
Buddha, Mohammad, Jesus, Bin Laden, and George Bush.

The images have been thrown into Photoshop, filtered and pulverized,
rotated and layered resulting in psychedelic meditations on humanity or
lack there of. The works are diseased micro-macro culture viruses
spreading fear and destruction. My work is about the seduction of the
beautiful and the rule of the abject. How our extinction is as
inevitable as is preventable. Abstract Horror.

Aron Namenwirth 2007

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Crowds at Disney World

During winter break my daughter and I were invited to Disney World in Orlando Florida.
It was the week of the JetBlue disaster and we of course left from JFK. Our flight was only delayed 6 hours. We felt lucky seeing what happened to other passengers. This was my first trip to Disney. I was thinking if 1% of the people who waited in lines up to an hour and a half to see
"It is a little world", "Peter Pan", or Mickey Mouse, gave half an hour to some of the problems that we are facing as a planet..... Somewhere in our interest in theme parks and lack of interest
in the previous post is why we are in Iraq with our current administration and all that bad art
that is selling like cotton candy.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Save Darfur Rally Wall Street tommorrow

So I drove down to the tavern this morning to find a very small group of young people handing out flyers. They read Call Fidelity Now! 1-800-532-5340. Tell Fidelity to stop investing in companies that fund genocide in Darfur, Sudan. They named PetroChina a Chinese oil company one of the worst offenders supporting the Sudanese military. Sinopec is also mentioned.

Scroll down to see some pictures from Darfur as evidence of genocide.

7.30 am Tuesday april 24th Whitehorse tavern 25 bridge street

google map,+New+York,+New+York+10004,+USA&sa=X&oi=map&ct=title

Google Maps of Williamsburg Brooklyn and the Sudan

Mayor Bloomberg and NYC traffic

Photo: Aron Namenwirth
During the New York Marathon Michael Ballou and I were hanging out in front of artMovingProjects when along comes Mayor Bloomberg. Now he wants to limit traffic in the city. This is a fine idea, but it should not separate the boroughs. This is one city. It seems he is riding not running.

untitled 24 (non-linear collateral damage)

acrylic on panel 24X36" 2005 ( images below pixel-lated source material)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Linda Post Utube James Kalm

In her 2nd Solo show at artMovingProjects AFIELD, Linda Post gives us four new pieces.
On the floor hardly visible are two faux speaker rocks on which exists audio of different people telling stories of being in cornfields. “Memories of a Dalmatian named Pepper”, “freshness of things”, “The lack of anything between yourself and the world.”” The unmediated experience.” “The endlessness of growth.” “ Nothing else can be.” “ You are in the middle of it and you are fulfilled.” Be prepared this aural piece is over an hour Look for chairs in the Project space where a video by Praxis (Delia Bajo and Brainard Carey) titled Love a sad story by Mortician about a crush turned bad.
In front of AFIELD (further) is Hedge made up of twelve old televisions all turned on with static from their screens reflected off the wall. They are stacked as if they were rocks, projected on their rear and covered in canvas cases. The projected video is of the artist’s hands piling up rocks in front of the camera and obstructing its view. These stones are carefully placed and fitted to form a very unstable wall.
In AFIELD a circular projection of video documents walking through and around a cornfield at different times of the season in upstate New York. She films it in a very
unconventional way, breaking all the rules of what normally constitutes good filmmaking, searching with the camera, erratic movement, fast panning, hitting leaves, falling, and combined tripod work.
Fall the only work from 2006 shows a woman with red hair falling down and disappearing in different places within a fall landscape. Everything about this video is so stupid that it’s funny. It is like a video game where the villain falls and disappears. In all this retro-media work one is transported out of the city to a place of nature. If you want to take a get out of town, but don’t want to leave the city this is the place for you. Linda Post uses her body as she uses the rocks as a sculptural intervention. Something blocking and being removed either by a final cut effect or by hand.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Linda Post AFIELD

166 N. 12th St, between Bedford and Berry Sts., Williamsburg (917-301-6680, 917-301-0306). Subway: L to Bedford Ave. Thu- Sun, 1pm - 6 pm

Linda Post


With AFIELD Linda Post continues to plumb the sculptural possibilities of video in an experiential installation that brings together interactions with landscape and recollections of corn fields. Video projections, a dry-stone hedge created from canvas covered televisions, and disembodied audio recounts converge in a mediation of perception and nature.

Linda Post's installations and audio works invite viewers into three-dimensional time-based experiences that encourage reflection and provoke thought. She is engaged in an ongoing investigation of the spacial qualities of video and audio within physical installations and how such experiences may resonate in relation to shared cultural experience.

More of the artist's work can be found at

Michael Smith at Christine Burgin opens tonight

Zoe Sheehan Saldana artMovingProjects


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