Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jonah Groeneboer at Bellwether

Installation while attractive at first, totally forgettable.

Michael Bell Smith at Foxy Productions
as a fellow dealer i know it is not proper to critique but come on.

Richard Artschwager

Richard a favorite while i was at school gets an f for this current show. The paintings surfaces are contrived over and over again. These paintings basically suck in every way.
now the tables while i like that idea and of course the signature formica
but , the green reminds me of how i want to change the color of my link text.
and the blue is sell out all the way to miami and back 5 times.

Luis Gispert

Still taken at Mary Boone Gallery in chelsea- This movie rocks/David Lynch/Elias Merlhinge
Blood and gore, artsy, and sexxy.
Installation was everywhere but Luis Gispert at Zack Feuer takes the prize. A pop in the pan maybe but who cares. The speakers have a sensor that is triggered when you pass between columns they start to play.

upcoming Cynthia Bloom nmps Jens Brand

Cynthia Bloom "untitled", oil on linen, 13x45"1961 (Block Island Landscape)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Kiska Group LTD vs. Brooklyn Fire Department

(Double click to enlarge image)
Note: water rushing out of gate and open, The Fire Department quickly responded and got the water under control- god bless the fire department- This was the night of my daughter Jane's sleepover Birthday party. 8 Girls spent the night. Looks like this is going to be a pretty classy Hotel with this high end chipboard gates.

Contact at last: H. Onat Ersoy MBA wants access to the backyard to protect us from the demolition. Since there is nothing in our backyard we care about we deny access.
Meanwhile the fire department trains new recruits from 8.00 a.m. on Saturday mornings till late at night. The gates remain open all sunday at: 156 north 12th and artists document destruction. As the skylights fell a story to the concrete Nancy Horowitz, " the building was shaking" calls 311 with no apparent response.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


(Somebody Else's) Found GIF

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from dr. pepper's science journal (hat tip AE--nice one!)


Building 475 Kent Avenue Evacuated

Satellite map rendering of 475 Kent Avenue from Live Search Maps


475 Kent Avenue Evacuated, Due to Numerous Violations;
Building Had Illegal Apartments, Matzoh Factory

Over 150 residents of an eleven-story building at Kent Avenue in South Williamsburg were evacuated yesterday after the Fire Department and Buildings Department found a number of violations. The building had been illegally converted to residences and a matzoh factory, complete with two silos of (highly combustible) grain in the basement. A neighboring building was cited as well, and the violations ranged from non-working standpipes (which firefighters use to deliver water to fires), illegal partitions, blocked exits, inoperable sprinkler systems and others, including the illegal grain silos for the unauthorized basement bakery.

Residents were forced to move out by midnight, and many were upset about being asked to do so on an extremely cold night. One emailed Gowanus Lounge:

There are cops and firefighters roaming the halls of my building in south williamsburg telling everyone that the "building is being vacated" at this very moment. my building has about 100 or so people in it and is located at 475 kent ave. apparently there are numerous fire code violations and such. but, instead of trying to fix them, they are attempting to put 100 or so folks on the street on a 20 degree sunday night. i've refused to go anywhere. i have a dog and i have don't know that i can take her anywhere. what really bothers me is that the FDNY believes that my safety is being enhanced by putting myself and my dog on the street on a night where we could both literally freeze to death. this is real and it is indeed happening right now.
Residents were offered housing assistance from the Red Cross, but it's unclear how long that will last and when they will be allowed back in. The building has been slapped with a number of violations over the years.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

John Currin
John Currin and I were out at a bar in 1987 in Hoboken he had just met Andrea Rosen and was telling me that she was going to be the next Mary Boone. Andrea had not opened her first space yet. I said," yeah right and the stock market is going to crash tommorrow." It did.
In school John always stood out. He was making abstracted Julian Schnabel like paintings,
but was listening really carefully to William Bailey. On a studio visit, John told me that Norman Rockwell was the most important American Painter. It seems Currin is giving him a run for the money. While I understand the interest in the work it seems conservative to me, in a Ronald Reagan kinda way.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Computer Materialism/Happy Martin Luther King Day

This pixelated images constitutes one layer of painting below also included Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, and others
Detail: click on images to enlarge

untitled 27 (organized religon) acrylic on panel 36x24" 2006-2007
Following conversations with Marcin Ramocki and Paddy Johnson and Tom Moody. I have been thinking about the ramifications of program driven clothing(scarves) and furniture and of course architecture.

Upcoming interview with Paddy Johnson/ArtFagCity on Dealing with New Media.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Health Care

If you are an aging artist you might think about making some plans. Last week my mother
painter Cynthia Bloom was removed from her house against her will for health issues and flown to Westerly Hospital. Since she has been taken to St. Joesph's in North Providence Rhode Island.
Things are not good. It might be a while before i can blog heading north tomorrow.
Friends of Cynthia are encouraged contact her and adopt her artwork. What remains will be for sale at artMovingProjects.
Contact the gallery for information.

Friday, January 11, 2008

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