Thursday, September 27, 2007

artwork 2006-08

"Google Map 1" 3x24x36" acrylic on panel 2007-2008 Aron Namenwirth

View of Mccarren Park Williamsburg, the first Sculpture in a while. The re materialization of a google map blow-up. In a sense this gives the bitmap/pixels physical form in the real world.
I walk my dog Colin at least once every day here so it is an intimate realization of actual space. Also, included in the map is artMovingProjects and VertexList the blow-up destroys the specificity of the literal. As a sculpture this piece sits on the floor changing the bitmap field from the vertical plane to a horizontal one. While the earlier paintings dealt with political portraiture this work deals with a personal landscape.

untitled animation 2006 1 minute sound (this piece is a projection low res version)

untitled 34 (Obama) acrylic on panel 30x30x3" 2007
(detail) click on image to enlarge

untitled 35 (Hillary) 36x48x3" acrylic on panel 2007

untitled 28 acrylic on panel 48x60x3" 2006-08

untitled 32 (bush) acrylic on panel 48x36x3" 2006-07

"Spirit Surfers" acrylic on panel 36x24x3" 2006-07

untitled 33 (Osama) acrylic on panel 60x48x3" 2006-07

untitled 31 (extinction) acrylic on panel 36x48x3" 2006
(detail) click on image to enlarge

Collaboration with Tom Moody
"Grey Grid (Aron Namenwirth)" [1.7 MB Quicktime .mov]

This is an animated remix interpretation I did of an acrylic-on-panel painting by Aron Namenwirth. It should be set automatically to loop in your Quicktime player and move very fast. (If not, something's out of whack. But the movement should be irregular--that's "in whack.")

- tom moody 5-07-2006 9:23 pm

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