Monday, March 14, 2016

Looking Back

In trying to figure out what happened to my passion and love of art, mine and others included, I have decided to make a website where all the different bodies of work are organized by date, content and style. After working with square space for a couple days have rethought this. It is going to be to time consuming and am afraid that maintaining it considering the amount of work involved might become expensive. So very day I will post a new image to my blog. When I first moved to New York- it was actually Hoboken from Yale the drawings and paintings never left the studio, and probably were never seen, other then by a few friends. These included  Lisa Yuskavage, John Currin, Richard Phillips, and some more behind the scenes people like Matvey Levenstein, Richard Shaw, Kyle Staver,  Jim Mcshea, Dik Liu, Joe Begonia who was my roommate. I think somehow the intense pressure for success and survival, the mixtures of ambition and expectation, combined with the explosion and crash of the art world, made it difficult for me to stay focused on the work of making art. It also took away from the fun, adventure and vision. Sharing these images will be a joy.

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