Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sugar Maple Bloomfield

1: Sycamore Seedling- If you are going to attemp to grow this tree from seed expect a low success rate. for every ten seeds less then 1 will make it. So harvest a lot of seed it will need to be kept for 3 months at below 40 degrees keep them moist I use damped paper towel in clear zip lock bags. I think colder is better. Then in march or april expose to light I prefer those new energy saving bulbs natural spectrum. You should notice some green sprouting at which i separate and pot. It would make sense to separate seed early before bagging.
2: 4 sycamores to fight it out in tube in front of old Norfork Pine freed from climbing rose bushes.
3: Sycamore in tree tube next to wild choke berry that will probably get cut down.
bottom:This sugar maple planted in Bloomfield Connecticut last year shot up 3 feet reaching 7 feet.
This came as good news from my father in law who sprayed it diligently with deer repellent.
making it the 3rd largest tree in the project(Neo-earthworks).

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