Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Urban Campfire

watch trees grow

“trees comforted me, their decisions always
looked good, unlike my paintings.”

Neo Earth Works

by Aron Namenwirth (brooklyn, ny)

urban campfire1
urban  campfire 3Trees are one of the few things most people like. Unlike the healthcare debates, we just ambiently enjoy their presence. Both a Buddhist symbol for enlightenment and shade on a hot sunny day, trees are part of our collective unconscious, be they imaginary, like the tree in Avatar, or primordial, like the trunk our children’s great ancestors climbed down from.
urban 4
Last spring, I became interested in growing trees. The interest probably developed from the desire to get a street tree in front of our building on North 12th Street in Williamsburg. Five years and numerous e-mails to the city later, I remained determined as Bloomberg’s million trees became visible. “We could be one of that million.” When the city tree was finally planted, Kiska decided they were going to erect the first luxury hotel with fusion restaurant and rooftop bar right next to us. The threat formed a special bond between me and this Pin Oak. At one point I threatened a cement mixing trucker who was grinding all the branches off the tree.
He asked me what I was going to do with the hammer I was holding. (more)

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