Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stock Market Bail-out

This is comical, here the taxpayer should pay for the greed of those who have taken advantage of their lack of money. Just think about the credit card user who is forced to use credit to pay rent, buy food, clothes, health-care, or education- basic needs. Then they pay interest, and penalties on this debt. This is the money millions, billions, that become bonuses and severance to those who are basically thief's and gamblers. These are the people in power, our politicians who hold hands with the CEO's so they can buy our votes in brainwashing lies called advertising. They drive us to war on lies, they tell us if we don't bale them out something is coming that is so terrifying that they don't think we can handle it. I think they are full of it. All the money gained over the past 10 years should be given back. The president and his staff and all these CEO's should be forced to empty their pockets:) How should those who have gotten us into this apparent mess be allowed to pass the buck to our children at their profit. If this is really a democracy one would think we would have some say in our future. Why not wait till after the election? It seems the accounting needs to be done before anymore money is thrown away.

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