Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Collapse of Culture in America

Richard Prince
"spiritual america" Brooke Shields when pre-pubescent.

Andre Serrano "Piss Christ"
is taking pictures of poop.

John Currin The most valued in painting. Yummy!

Damien Hirst Making more $ than any living artist. His work seems very much about that.
Also, into preserving endangered animals in formaldehyde.

Jeff Koons Formally trained in the stock market, animals are big. Shares a lot with Damien in the studio being a factory.

I read somewhere that artists are the doctors of culture they have the responsibility of healing,
perhaps in a moral or spiritual way the wounds of aesthetics and form that infect our society.
When in failure society shows itself in it's art and architecture. This seems to be blatantly
apparent in the art and artists that have become stars in the western world. These are the artists that have gotten the most exposure in our magazines, auction houses, and galleries and remain most prized to our art collectors and dealers. They have benefited from the stupidity and greed that has been the machine that has driven the New York Art world and commanded some of it's highest prices. I will let the art speak for itself. The artists that have survived outside of this marketplace are looking better all the time. Although spiritual america is one of my favorites to bad he did not stop while he was ahead.

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