Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Propaganda in the studio

Barak Obama in progress. I have to wonder if taking what was a private studio practice and putting on-line demystifies things. Considering how esoteric things have been this is probably a good thing.
Hillary Clinton tape on tape off. While these works bear a formal resemble to Chuck Close
and will be related, my intentions are completely the opposite. This is not going to become a schtick, Sorry Chuck.
This is an artist i have thought alot about, and is not meant as a dis just something i had to try. In the end they flirt with photo realism i find that form of representation really empty and boring. Simulation is where it is at. For me each pixel could as well be a piece of code.

I say propaganda in jest as well, how could i promote two politicians at the same time?
Also, these last two paintings are made from the actual pixels, screen shots of very small images off their websites. Since starting this blog my video editing has stopped.

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