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Digital Political Time Lapse

Long Island University
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Digital Political Time Lapse

September 3-28 2007
Opening 7.00-9.00 P.M.
Thursday, September 20th 2007

Perry Bard, Rico Gatson, Perry Hoberman, Jillian Mcdonald,
Tom Moody, Marcin Ramocki, Zoë Sheehan Saldaña, Paul Slocum, Adam Simon, William Stone, and Momoyo Torimitsu

Curated by Aron Namenwirth

In many different approaches these artists address
our current political and physical environment.

Perry Bard
“Logic” DVD 2006
Philosopher Nick Pappas expounds on Aristotle’s definition of a syllogism using the
Department of Homeland Security as inspiration. Footage of Homeland Security at work in NY subways and airports mix with pure color while the syllogism dissolves into babble.


Aunrico Gatson

“Media Center” 2003 is a single channel video shown on three
monitors. It is a meditation on the atrocities of the War in Iraq through
the use of images lifted off the internet. The soundtrack is a Tibetan
Buddhist chant that expresses both chaos and order.


Perry Hoberman

“Condemned to Repeat“


Jillian Mcdonald

Horror Cycle: The Bloom of the Triffid
video • 2006

animation • 2006
The Bloom of the Triffid is a one and a half minute animation loop. In August 2006 one of the world’s most rare and remarkable plants, a corpse flower, bloomed in Brooklyn’s Botanical Garden. Visitors came in droves, attracted to the flower's monstrousness. Notably, in Victorian times, ladies were not permitted to view such a bloom due to it’s phallic visual reference. A webcam was trained on the bloom which released a gruesome stench. Throughout the week-long bloom, I tracked the webcam, fanatically downloading images. The title and soundtrack reference "The Day of the Triffids", a novel written by John Wyndham in 1951 and made into a cult film in 1962. Triffids are fictional plants that are capable of various animal behaviors including attacking and killing humans.


Tom Moody

"Guitar Solo" DVD 2005

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omg, what the hell IS that? that's amazing. - paul (guest) 2-17-2005
11:47 am I like it! - sally mckay 2-17-2005 11:59 am that's totally
great. - mbs (guest) 2-17-2005 12:35 pm nice notes! - atomicelroy (guest)
2-18-2005 6:14 pm Hunter S. Thompson blew his brains out yesterday. Did
this mpeg play a part? - pmsummer (guest) 2-21-2005 7:30 pm


Marcin Ramocki

“Torcito Projects”

“Torcito Portraits” are digital animations based on re-purposing an old Macintosh musical software Virtual Drummer.


Zoë Sheehan Saldaña

"Homegrown Allure" DVD 2007

Young tobacco plants open, close, and gently sway
in styrofoam cells. Fifteen hours become eighteen
seconds, only to become eternity. Excerpted from
a timelapse animation created during a month-long
exhibition at artMovingProjects in the spring of


Adam Simon

Video Portrait DVD 2002

Moyra Davey talks about “afgani boys playing with gameboys” – “we have to shop to save ourselves” – “we lay waste our powers in getting and spending” -


Paul Slocum with Chad Hopper

"A big chunk of Slocum's screen space is taken up with a banal jpeg of
baseball hats on an armchair; the rest is a confused multiplicity of
windows opening and closing as well as overlapping and interrupting a guy
confessing on YouTube his unfaithfulness to his girlfriend." Tom Moody


William Stone

“Pural Nounsss” DVD 2004
This video first shown at artMoving in 2004 shows President George Bush talking on National television. The Cuts make him seem more himself.


Momoyo Torimitsu

(Part of) Horizon DVD 2004
This video is part of an installation in which a hundred toy businessmen crawl around in a model world with oil fields.
courtesy of :The Swiss Institute and Deitch Projects

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