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Aron Namenwirth's Resume

Aron Namenwirth
166 n.12th street
Brooklyn, New York 11211 917.301.6680

Performance , Video, Broadcast, and Internet:
Pete's Candy Store,
Abc No Rio,
Goodbye Blue Monday's,
 Freddie's Back Room,
Pine Box Rock Shop
Goodbye Blue Monday : Larp and Flarp
Freddies Back Room : Larp and Flarp
Freddies Back Room: The Towelettes
Make Music New York : The Towelettes Williamsburg Brooklyn
Culture of Waste 166N 12th St. Brklyn
InfoMonk: Spirit Surfers
Brooklyn DIY Directed by: Marcin Ramocki
(contains a lot of un shown video shot with my not hi 8 video camera in the early 90's)
Architectural project by Matt Bua
"Aron Abstracted" video by: Adam Simon
Untitled 28 (extinction) collaboration
with Tom Moody
My dream in collaboration with Praxis, Feature - Whitney Museum of Art, Altria, New York
Animation 1 One minute film festival organized by Jason Simon and Moyra Davey
Trouble with the L Train Channel 12 Brooklyn Cable June/September
Last Minute part 3 Organized by Jason Simon, Orchard New York
“How to fillet a fish” 4.00min. Briss filet curated by Michael Ballou
Milton Keynes, England
One Minute Film and Video organized by Jason Simon & Moyra Davey
7/10, Narrowsburg New York
Decade Schroeder Romero, “The Fashion Show Video”
Anti-performance organized by Brainard and Delia Carey commonly known as Praxis
The Woolworth Building, New York City
28 Seconds organized by Clifford Diver, curated and assisted by Michael Ballou
Reports from a Global Village, 911 Ocularis, Brooklyn, New York
Basel Art Fair, Buff Video Trailer, Courtesy of: Devon Dikeou and Zing Magazine
Buff work-out Performance and Installation Matt Bua, Jesse Bercowitz, Michael Asente, Amy Mower Momenta Art , Brooklyn.
Guggenheim Museum>>>>George Washington Bridge ride with Jack Tilton, New York City
Holland Tunnel - Guggenheim Museum Adventure, New York City
Jesse Berkowitz, Matt Bua, John Giglio, Pablo Helguera, Lynn tondrick, Meredith Allen, Bridget Spears, Lisa, and John Giglio,
Overcoat, curated by Jesse Bercowetz, Brooklyn, Queens and New York City
Bedbugs at Snore walls, art Moving at Fourwalls, Brooklyn
The Brenner Pass, Four Walls, Austria.
The art exchange, Penny Liebman Contempary Art, New York City
Chelsea Art Festival Truck Shows Eva Mantell, Stacy Greene, Nico Jenkins, Fritz Welch. Hosted by TEAM, Postmasters, and Pat Hearn assisted by Pierogi, Momenta, and Simon Watson
Art Moving Parasitic Trilogy, Postmasters, Team Gallery, Four Walls, New York City
“Fear of a Jewish Planet”, Organized by: Carey Liebowitz and Rhonda Lieberman, Four walls , Brooklyn
Water bar, Organized by: Eric Oppenheim, Jack Tilton Gallery, Blum Helman warehouse, New York City

Selected Shows:
2013 Gus Mazzocca 4 decades 4 generations:  University of Connecticut
Intellegent Design Curated by Rico Gatson and Ellie Murphy, Momenta Art, Brooklyn New York
Nonlinear Collateral damage VertexList, Brooklyn New York
Halliburton 2 artMoving, Brooklyn New York
Power Ts Pierogi, Brooklyn New York
Buffy the Vampie Slayer art Moving , Brooklyn New York
Elsewhere a collaboration with Michael Ballou, Curated by Alice Smits, HERE, New York City
Super Duper curated by Greg Stone and Joesph Amrhein, Pierogi 2000, Brooklyn , New York
Inside out curated by: Lynn Tondrick,The Work Space, New York City
Outer Boroughs, curated by Paul Ha and Lauren Ross, White Columns, New York City
Movable objects, Penny Liebman Contemporary art, New York City
I am a racist and a wife beater, Organized by Michael Asente and Monique Luchetti, Everything is Everything, Brooklyn, New York
Current Undercurrent, Pierogi 2000, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, New York
art handlers art, organized by Paul Bloodgood, Basilico Fine Arts, New York City
Everything is Everything, #1, Organized by: Mike Asente, Brooklyn, New York
Crest hardware Show organized by: Gene Pool, Brooklyn, New York
Other Rooms, Fourwalls at Ronald Feldman, New York City
Either / Or, curated by: Kenny Schacter, Flamingo East , New York City
Painted words, curated by: Sean Bayliss, The Room, New York City
Artist in the Marketplace, Bronx Museum of Art, New York City
Little Things, Art in General , New York City
Perishable Art, Curated by Kenny Schacter, Flamingo East, New York City
Those silly Republicans, curated by Kenny Schacter, Flamingo East, New York City

“Little Things”, Art In General, Catalog, New York City
“Artists in the Marketplace”, Bronx Museum, Catalog,
Brew, Kathy, “Late Night Thrills”, City Arts, Channel 13, 11/95
Chapman, Francis, Water Front Week, “Lifes a Beach”, vol.6-6
Galloway, Munro, Artpress, Brooklyn 2001, #212, Paris, France
Szabo, Julie and Pall, Ellen, The New York Times Magazine, “The Do It Yourself Artworld” ,9/1
Levin, Kim, Village Voice, Art Galleries, Vol.x11, #43
Mulswork, Carol, Manhatten Users Guide, “Four Art Walks”, vol. 5-6
Chapman, Francis, Water Front Week, “art Moving moves around”, vol.7-1
Galloway, Munro, Zing Magazine, “Aron Namenwirth at Penny Liebman Contemporary Art” , summer issue
Kellogg,,Craig, Metropolis, “Galleries to Go”, 12/97
McGovern, Adam, Smug Magazine, “Fall of the art cart”, vol.3,#7
Watkins, Simon, Simon Says, Penny Liebman, vol.7
Watkins, Simon, Simon Says, Four Walls/art Moving, vol.9
Watkins, Simon, “This could be a bomb at Stable Art”, Vol. 2 issue 8
Gillio, John,World Arts Association, Visual Voices,10/98
Lubelski, Abraham, NY Arts, “Working Outside”; Overcoat,11/98
Smith, Roberta, The New York Times, “Brooklyn Haven For Artists Heat Up” ,11/6
Art, Time Out, issue #165 11/19-26
Hunter, Stephanie, CNN, The Art Club, Europe
Penderson, Victoria and Griffin,Tim, Paper, “Getting the Big Picture”, Annual Report
Ducci, Carlo, Casa Vogue, “Brooklyn Spaces”, No.1 Italy
“Mob Rule”, N.Y. Arts Magazine #36 October, New York City
Gillio, John, Zing Magazine, Spring 2000, New York City
Gillio, John, Visual Voices,
Time Out, Schroeder Romero, Check out Eric Heist, Aron Namenwirth, Caroline Cox, Art Listings p.67
Issue # 397 5/8-15
Levin, Kim Voice choice pick( she called and corrected my spelling of halliburton on the press release)
La Rocco, Ben The Brooklyn Rail “ Aron Namenwirth Halliburton 2”
La Rocco, Ben The Brooklyn Rail Non-linear Collatoral Damage
Chiara Stangalino Italian Vogue Sept. Photo of “Tribourgh Bridge 2001” art adoption Adam Simon
Type A Journal, Ramocki Photo of untitled 18 (Green is for greed) China

art Criticism and Magazine Projects:1995 Zing Magazine, Issue#3 Lynn Tondrick , art Moving Brooklyn , New York
2004 Zing Magazine, issue#19 Michael Asente, GV/AS, Brooklyn, New York
2007 Zing Magazine issue #21 curated project “ Democrazy”

curated at aMP2008
John Giglio "Designing Heaven" Paul Slocum "Transformer Fire"
Cynthia Bloom "Only the good die young"
Devon Dikeou "The Niney Chronicals" Luke Murphy "The Longest Painting of Death"
Natalie Moore "Mirage" Marcin Ramocki "blogger skins"
rear door installation for the New Media Space by: John Giglio
Ken Butler "Drawing and Driving" Perry Hoberman " Transporter"
Zoe Sheehan Saldana " Homegrown" Tom Moody "BLOG"
Linda Post "AFIELD" Praxis " Love"
David Sandlin Ire-Town Paintings for the age of Unenlightenment
Jillian Mcdonald Horror-Makeup
Tom Moody Room Sized Gifs
David Wells Cipher House
Suzanne Harwood Rubin Your body is the trace of your body..Your shadow is the land of birds
Jim Nolan A Powerful Hankering
Marcin Ramocki Anti-Pharmakon
Linda Post Four Aurguments for the elimination of television...
Window Project
John Giglio Big House Big Man
Adam Simon Basic
Perry Hoberman Drawings 1975-2005
Sleeper Cell
Bll Stone Plural Nouns and Vicious Circles
Monique Luchette Floaters and Clusters
Adam Simon Halliburton
Michael Asente
Natalie Moore inaugural show 166 north 12th street.
Nico Jenkins/ Fritz Welsh organized by Momenta Art at Team Gallery ( truck)
Stacy Greene film ( truck) at Pat Hearn Gallery
Eric Heist Sugar Paintings at Postmasters Gallery (truck)
Mike Ballou Parasitic Triliogy Bed Bugs at Snore Walls
Munroe Galloway A D.J. Saved my Life
Lynn Tondrick Mosquito Room
"balls" Beth Krumholtz, Jim Mcshea, Nurit Newman, Randy Wray, Alex Zane
"arms" John Illig, Dik Liu, Mery Lin Mckorkle, Michael Richardson, Addison Thompson, Jeff Tolbert, Lynn Tondrick
Dik Liu In Liu of Mondriaan
Joesph Begonia and David Tica Light Change
"what now" Sean Bayliss, Joe Begonia, Peter Bregoli, Patty Cateura, Case Cheatham, Joe Chirchrillio, Jeri Coppola, Greg Davidek, Devon Dikeou, Erik Heist, John Illig, Jim Kanter,
Peter Kelly, Gregg Kessler, Beth Krumholz, Dik F. Liu, Eva Mantell, Jim Mcshea, Natalie Moore, Lynn Mullins, Nurit Newman, Laura Parnes, Gene Pool, Suzanne K. Saylor, Lyle Starr,
Kenny Schracter, Bill Smart, David Tica, Jeff Tolbert, Lynn Tolbert, Erik Wolske, Alex Zane, Mellissa Zexter, and Andrew Zimmerman

1987 M.F.A., Painting, Yale University, School of Art, New Haven, Connecticut
1985 B.F.A., Painting, University of Connecticut, School of Art, Storrs, Connecticut

Work experience:
1998- to present:Owner Stable Art and Art Moving, knowledgeable about renovation and up keep of commercial real estate.
2000-2003 Nancy Graves Foundation: Archivist
1998-2000 Transart: art handler, driver
1995- 1998 ArtMoving an art Moving business owner, three employees, 2 trucks, all aspects of art transportation, handling, storage, and installation.
1995-1996 Hand Made Frames: Frame Maker, Fitting and Milling
1993-1995 L.E.A.P.  Learning Enhanced Art Program Tri -state area Teacher
1990-1995 Sublime Design and Carpentry
1981-1989 Block Island Kite Company: Sales
1979-1981 Block Island Club: Sailing Instructor

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