Friday, December 14, 2007

Jens Brand

An evening composed of three pieces that have nothing in common ...
1: Music and a music video based on what Madonna (Madonna Louise Ciccone) thinks it is (or a respirator sounds like);
2: A vinyl based topographical scratch around the world on the behalf of the one and only TWV - the black beeliner with grooves- and
3: HCATS-MPIGS a piece for trombone, violin and annoying light; at the end of a questionable evening questions can be asked and products can be bought at discount prices;
the concert supported by the Ministerpresident of North-Rhine,
Westphalia and Harvestworks
wth contributions by
Dan Evans Farkas, Phil Niblock and Yasunao Tone
One of the few good things about artMovingProjects paricipation in Diva Miami was i meet the German artist Jens. He is performing wednesday night at Experimental Intermedia 224 center st.
9.00pm 4.99$

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