Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just when things seem the bleakest

Ken Butler Driving Simulator
one of the last pictures with my beloved camera. I feel like i lost my vision without it.
After 3 years of daily use and multiple drops at Diva Miami my Canon g5 camera finally crapped
out. This happened after boarding my Carnival Cruise to Nova Scotia hence no pictures. This is
Walt Disney on water. The food was good the art sucked and they pushed it with multiple auctions. Featured Picasso prints, Peter Max, and lots of other schlock. I mean this work will make you puke. I looked on their website but found no mention so maybe it was a nightmare.

I have a new camera ordered so with god speed we will have original content online soon.
I noticed Tom Moody is attending a sleepover computer lover night on this friday at Eyebeam
open to general public 8-10. http://www.tommoody.us/archives/2007/08/21/the-great-internet-sleepover/
This reminds me of a project called Bedbugs at Snorewalls a FourWalls project with Mike Ballou that was part of the artMoving parasitic trilogy and truck shows in the late 90's. Over 130 artists and writers were involved in this sleepover. Readings continued all night long.
look in the archive under truck shows for picture.

Also, to see recent review of Marcin Ramocki's paper on DYI 'The Militant Embrace of Technology'

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