Monday, December 24, 2007

Chrismas eve 9.00 A.M. Williamsburg Brooklyn

X-mas morning

Jackhammering at 9.00A.M -
Merry X-Mas, from our new neighbors who still have not introduced themselves.
They are planning to build a hotel. Is this what is going to improve the neighborhood?
In light of the current overkill of buildings which are not being filled- this seems utter lunacy.
All last week the city spent installing a new stop-light system on north12th and Bedford Ave.
Jack hammering incessantly.

Before building goes up. (note huge puddle) this the result of the park origenally being part of the creek, it is land fill- apparently not enough.

Colin's crap, black shoe, and paper towel- Mccaren Park (these photos taken a couple days
Fisher Building.

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