Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hotel coming to Williamsburg

check out the comment thread that our new neighbor's building to come has generated.
Artists are not popular on Curbed.


Mike Asente said...

That's great for your guys. Now your building is worth much more. I figure you'll be outfitting the hotel rooms with art and offering tours with art discounts by the 6th week the place is open.
A real Williamsburg Gallery right next door, how exciting!

You guys are sheep in sheep clothing, wrapped tight, double tied not to slip loose -> artist zen community enablers ready to defend the integrity of the art world at the drop of a dime/hat/taco/free beer, but still wondering, "which art world should I defend?"

Embrace the future and free yourself from shame. You own property and you rent it out. Honey you are a hotel already - how many studios do you rent out -7? How many apartments?
And how is renting a room any different than renting a studio - in Williamsburg? I figure you want to make money and so does the guy building a hotel in your shorter shadow. Though we can all posit that we studio renter outers are doing the world and community the greater good...still in the end, cash changes hands.

a said...

hi mike,
hope you and family are well.
we are concerned our building is going to get damaged when our new neighbor digs their foundation. sSo far they have not introduced themselves and covered our windows and ripped their roof off not too friendly.

a said...
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judy said...

I'm in a similar situation. The building next door was sold and so far the demo people have ripped out our phone and cable line and tore a ole in the siding. Now the stop work order has been lifted and we're back to living in fear. Good times. Can't wait for the piledriver to start.

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