Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hillary Clinton Cracked

She gets a little shiney facelift. And a return of her pornstar celebrity.
(detail) click image for larger cracks in precious pixels. I was sold bad birch plywood from the lumberyard on north 5th st. next to the former location of Schroeder Romero/Sauce
between bedford and berry in Williamsburg. Unfortunately the painting of Barack Obama comes out of the same stock. His painting remains stable so far. This seems strangely symbolic
of Hillary Clintons problems. This youthful portrait was conceived as politician as porn star,
her premature wrinkling parallels her performance.

untitled 35 (Hillary Clinton) acrylic on canvas 36x48" 2007 Aron Namenwirth,

I hope we can work out her problems. Unfortunately they are not on the surface but are structural.
Barack painting here


Christian Kautz said...

Wonderful! Can I buy a picture for my living room? I hope you don't mind if I put a part of the picture on my page! I love this piece of work!

a said...

Christian this one is gone you could commission another one 2,500$

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