Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brooklyn trees face adversity

Here are two root structures from the enclosure on North 12th street. After talking to Jay Davis
who said the damage happened on June 9th. His theory was the squirrels got them. He also told me he replanted some with roots intact.
As the plants were moved from container to container and the stems with leaves removed from root systems what kind of tree and number is difficult to determine.

"Jay" RO3 red oak, generic plastic pot, crossover wire, homemade compost

Meanwhile in the backyard a stray mother cat has moved into the tree shelter I built and decided to nurse her three kittens on top of this Red oak which was planted in the piano box with another oak with shingle separating them. With a little help of red crossover wire it should make it. The other two above have been re-potted, nature is pretty resilient. Will name them if they live.

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