Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Studio Visits with old friends

Still-life set up painting in progress.
Recent never showed painting with wireless headphones.
Dik F. Liu in studio in Williamsburg which he has since the late 1980's -(Image deleted)

Mary Barone, Intern, Anna Knoebel, Devon Dikeou at command central Zing Magazine.
I had a lot of fun with them the other day. It is rumored that Zing has finally arrived. It is available in a limited hard cover of 100, sure to be collectible a steal at 35$. I curated a project in this one with lots of my favorite artists.
A little story about how i meet Devon. Shortly after coming to New York, and a short stint with
Joe Begonia, Lisa Yuskavage, and John Currin in Hoboken, Matvey Levenstein and I decided we would partner up and start a carpentry business. Of course we knew little about carpentry but had lots of confidence, a dangerous combination. We had a studio share on the lower east side across from abc no rio, no tools and i was without a phoneline thanks to the strike, the stock market had also just crashed. Well Matvey's girlfriend Lisa Yuskavage designed our logo a winged hammer, Sublime Design and we could not loose.(will find a picture of it) Matvey put a poster up in St. Marks Records, Devon found it and hired us. We made these mirrored doors for her which the first day up in the gallery fell off their frame becoming an instant Barry Le Va. Whoops!

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