Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Building Construction and Demo in Williamsburg

Notice the white perfectly wrapped skylights this reminds me of Christo. Unfortunately,
this view out my studio window is about to disappear. The roof is to be removed soon. On a non-rainy day one sees the manhattan skyline. The empire state building... I talked to the man doing the wrapping and he said the roof was full of asbestos. Happy Thanksgiving!

Artwork: Marcin Ramocki, Mike Asente, Rene' Pierre Allain
Who is going to pay to conserve this valuable art when a brick falls or worse yet.

On a more serious note, I was talking to a bunch of people at soccer this morning and it seems
many old buildings have been seriously damaged by new construction in the neighborhood. This concerns us because we fear if our building is not properly underpinned, this is when the foundation or slab in our case is reinforced, the building will fall over. We are talking about a hundred year old post and beam horse stable in which worse case a huge condo building requiring a very deep hole is to be our neighbor. KM Construction will notify us 5 day's before they start digging. It seems something is wrong when the Building Department waits until there is a problem, a building falling over, rather than forcing the builder
to provide plans of protection from catastrophic damage and danger to life. It appears the developer is signing false signatures on documents that give permission for underpinning.
Also, That the new developers get a property tax break for 10 years forcing those who are here to cover there expenses seems lame. I took some pictures to document that the building was standing. If you have a problem with a building being demolished next to you call 311.
If you see a new crack in a building call 911.
When I had artMoving back in 1996 on Bedford ave. one morning while I was enjoying my coffee the building across the streets facade fell off. They had bee renovating the storefront and had not braced it properly. It was like looking into a doll house.
report problems to NAG 718-384-2248
Development Watchdog Project
Other contacts:
Brooklyn Borough President
Marty Markowitz 718.802.3700
City Council Member
David Yassky 718.875.5200
City CM
Diana Reyna 718.963.3141

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