Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Brooklyn Building Department

Latest artist to sublet a studio is Dan Kopp he was displaced as the building he was in- in Williamsburg was demolished.
166 north 12th Street is between bedford and berry the property next door would be 164-160 north 12th street running through the block 131-139 north 11th st. Block 02290 lot 0010
artist Jon Kessler's building is on the other side.

Under the window sill is a remake of a Richard Prince necklace made out of bread ties.
The top picture is from the Brooklyn Building Department where we went to find out who our new neighbor is. We have tried several times to contact them for now the building next to us is covered in white plastic and signs that say Hazardous Asbestos. They have covered all our windows with this same plastic so the view like the picture taken last winter is a recent memory. It would have been nice if they would let us know what is going on. We called the DEP and the Building Department for help and have yet to see an inspector. In the meantime guys on the roof with saws are going at it, without a permit and asbestos is soon to be sifting through our skylights.
(Correction they have a permit)We called Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, and despite the fact that the following artists have studios here: Jay Davis, Jack Featherly, Chie Fuecki, Oliver Michaels, Becky Kolsrud, Susanna Harwood Rubin, Emilio Perez, April Smith, (musician) , Momoyo Torimitsu, Greg Vore, Nancy Horowitz, Jane Namenwirth and myself they said they could not help us as it was a real estate issue. This is why there will be less working artists left in Williamsburg. The inside news: (coming from an anonymous source) is that the building to be built will be 12 stories, the first 7 floors condos and the last five as a hotel. As this is not legal, they are seeking a variance. Should we not be notified, as we have the most to loose. If we can not give them information pertaining to the structure: The location of the Posts supporting the beams...the mortar is 100 years old and the bricks will not withstand the post driving that will have to happen to erect a building of the size they propose. The new owner has a ghost corporation
KM Construction they got their morgage through Bank Leumi Israel and despite much investigation including trips to the Dept. of Building is a mystery. Help.... anyone who knows a lawyer who would consider taking this on a pro-Bono would be greatly appreciated. Save artMovingProjects.
It looks like we are going to have to do another benefit/ ohhhhh noooooo

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