Tuesday, December 29, 2009

War in Afghanistan (a letter to the President from the invisible)

As this year comes to a close one thing that troubles me is our increased investment in war.
Further, the lack of visible protest to it. I have not been to Washington recently, but am not hearing much in the way of opposition to President Barak Obama on this. While in extreme cases war seems necessary, a scaled up assault in this bloggers opinion is like taking a stick to a hornets nest on a hot summer day/ if hornets were into winter in this instance. Just because you have a big stick is not going to solve the problem. I thought we had figured that one out already. So Barak , sorry you have lost a lot of my respect on this one, I am totally bummed out. The portrait I made of you is off the wall and on the bench in consideration for red-eye increase. Friends of mine warned me that you were not that different from George Bush in the end. Please don't prove them right.

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