Thursday, December 24, 2009

2000 worms in Ikea

worm woman located north east corner of union square park they have amazing dirt and worms
1000 red worms
I made 2 worm beds out of the New York Times writing by the likes of Roberta Smith and other notables will make food for my new pets. 2 drawers contain 1000 worms each. Last night I forgot to leave a light on, perhaps because they were lost 80 died on the floor of my studio.
The horror of drying up lost in the dark. The plan is to make dirt out of garbage for the trees growing quickly now.
left: red and ? oak right: Pin oak
These seeds needed to be wintered before they sprout although a few seem to be premature.
The plan is to find discarded furniture on the street to serve as planters for these trees.
I am going to need a lot of dirt hence the worms. It is much easier to find furniture then worms in NYC. Merry x-mas:)

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