Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nets, Webs, Circuits

Aron Namenwirth "Circuit 1" 16x12" marker on paper 2008


Daniel said...

Dear Aron, I've looked at your grid paintings and the childlike memory drawings, thinking that it might be interesting trying to do the memory drawings over a lightly gridded page. These drawings and paintings all seem to me to test one's sense of recognition. Seeing your grid portraits last year of Obama and of Clinton were a bit of a surprize, taking as they did a few moments to see the faces thru the colored grid.
Is this the perceptual game you want to play?
Is this the game of the memory drawings, but much more personal, you being the only judge? In attempting drawing out of raw memory, I've discovered that its much easier to construct an image from a remembered photo or painting, than from a life memory.
I think this is because our perceptual nets function very differently with still images, than they do in life's moving perceptions. In any case, to make a drawing from memory, the memory must be "frozen" into a single view.
Hence, remembering a photo of someone you are drawing, brings you a step closer to the drawing, and seems closer to the person.
PS: would you like me to send you a memory drawing of Cynthia? (not from photo).

a said...

thanx for the feedback-
sure send me your drawing of Cynthia.

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