Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Saving the United States

Watching Barak Obama's recent speech where he defends his minister, reminds me that
my own problems while large are not so important. Family, art, war, mortality, politics, religion, class, and racism, remain the eternal struggles of civilization. They are universal and always present.
While things seem acute and in crisis- it has always been this way.
I think that in telling things as they are and reopening the wound that is bleeding, Obama deserves some credit. He is not really playing the game in the traditional sense. He is not saying what people are comfortable hearing, especially white people. When one listens to him speak even those who don't like him can not say it is bull.
After returning from Connecticut and this Jewish enclave where my mother finds herself imprisoned in a nursing home, I hear Obama is anti-Semitic, his minister is in with Farakan, he is a terrorist and i think this is why race, religion, and class are the walls blocking Democracy.
In fear things have become so conservative. Buy Gold. Buy Oil. All the talk is about diet- don't eat this or that.
I think if we don't elect this guy- we really deserve what is coming.

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nathaniel said...

i've lived overseas for about 8 years now, and always voted, rather perfunctorily, for the democrat. the only "proud" vote I've ever cast was for ralph nader in 2000 (i was not in a swing state, and that was my last vote before moving to south africa).
obama would break this pattern for me, giving me the privilege to vote proudly just as my wife and daughter and i plan our move back to the states... please america, give me a coming home present in president obama.

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