Monday, March 17, 2008


Thanks to this guy who got this 30 yard dumpster down a long dirt and ice driveway in Willington. We filled it up with stuff and it is gone and need another one. I am on Block Island at the other house. I left my cord or i would post pictures of the house. Similar deal i will need a 30 yard dumpster. Fewer paintings and junk out here more and treasure. Heading back tomorrow to get ready for closing party at aMP. Brian and Leon Dewan with Tim Spelios drumming starting at 7.00PM easter sunday, followed by Ken Butler and Scott Fulmer.
Also, Check out new buzz on Marcin Ramocki's "Torcito Projects" first shown at artMovingProjects. Tom Moody and Paddy Johnson re-visit it find their blog links at the bottom of page.

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