Monday, March 10, 2008

Cynthia Bloom this should be in the show

Cynthia Bloom "untitled" 84x96" oil and mixed media on linen 1970s

A landscape painting in the Landscape- kinda blows away Joan Mitchell.
If i were really a good son i would rent a big truck and drive to west willington and get this
never shown masterpiece out of the i-pod where it is deeply buried, closest to the wall, as i
cleverly put all the largest paintings in first. Instead, i merely photoshop it into internet presentation. Sad to report only seven visitors to the show so far. Marcin Ramocki, Nancy Horowitz, Jane Namenwirth, PAMELA AUCHINCLOSS,
and William Stone, also, a couple of intellegent collectors- didn't get their names, thanks to Chia's open studio. Since I still have not sent out the press release or invites i guess that is not too bad. I have Jens Brands info. for the new media project space up at also, check out Paul Slocum and Kevin Bewersdorf at
Still no dates for the performances.

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