Thursday, April 7, 2016

The very first painting "Snake"

"Snake" 16x20" acrylic on panel 1977-2016

This was the first painting. Painting a subject that was close to my heart a snake lover I had a Reticulated Python that I kept with me in my Dorm room at Salisbury School. My Dorm Master had nightmares that the snake escaped and made his way into his room. This snake actually did escape from it's aquarium from our house in Willington and survived somehow for years before being discovered by my father hanging from the shower spigot. I used science as an excuse to bring my pet to boarding school measuring his weight gain against food consumed as a science project. I never felt like i could figure out how to finish this early work as it was a product of my imagination. The bottom image is worked into on the computer using a free version of MacPaint that came with my first Mac. As always I listened to music while completing this painting- Meshuggah!

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