Thursday, March 24, 2016

Abstraction- Sailing through the twisted tangled web of life

 "sailing through" Pencil on paper 8x8" 1986

After making many perhaps 25 drawing completely abstract fields of cross hatching and staring at them for countless hours looking for something to emerge and studying mysticism at Yale fearing i would fail cause I am such an unreligious jew. This image and some others I will post were found.
Not to say i was not looking at Myron Stout, Paul Feelie, and Jake Berthot, and so many other influences. Milton Avery and Bonnard as well as Jackson Pollack the list is long. But somehow these seem like me. This particular image came about thinking about the spinnaker which is a large sail that is used racing downwind. If the conditions are rough this sail will over power the boat taking it over.
So here we have the storm, the sea  and the boat and certain disaster. While I was at Yale I wanted to join the sailing school as it was a passion of mine, but like so much in my life it was sacrificed in devotion to the art.

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