Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dead trees time for some music and tlc

Well it was a rough winter for the trees just tallied up 18 dead in the backyard in Brooklyn and 2 0n Block Island. Everything looked fine till the last storms recently while I was out on B.I. It was big losses for the Sycamores and Pin Oaks. Looks kinda shaky for the last Italian Chestnut and White Birch. Lost all documentation of these these trees as the files got somehow corrupted. On the bright side what lived is looking great.
The new Ginko seeds have a high germination rate of almost 100% while the 100 pin oak acorns collected all died. A couple acorns from the white oak family germinated so this little forest has a lot of diversity. I would like to note that growing trees from seed is very hard, the success rate is low especially if you plan on wintering trees outside. Trees grown inside with artificial light and irrigation have much better survival rate.
They will be exposed to high volume of music during most intense growth this spring most of my own making.

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