Friday, April 22, 2011

Block Island

Japanese Black Pine survived the winter barely, without tree tube it was badly chewed on by white tailed deer. I tubed it despite Island objection to aesthetics. Note: I gave a couple ot trees to friends who looked down the tube and saw nothing pulled the tube out and told me the tree was dead, alas the tree being without leaves and only 4 inches high blended and was lost among the minutia.
New winter hawthorn seedling nestled in tube.
Swapped one year sycamore for winter hawthorn, looks like sycamore made it bringing it back to brooklyn for a little tlc.
Oliver Michaels and Dan Kopp warming up by wood stove, the temp. on the island floated around 45 degrees. The stove pipe and neck of strat also take angles.
Minus a drop ceiling.
Dead Dolphin, Dan called the Mystic Aquarium but they felt it too far gone.

Dead Stove also too far gone.

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