Thursday, November 20, 2008

Made in U.S.A.

Charles Beronio artist and new director of VertexList with Party City and Barak Obama
in my studio. The show will opens Saturday the 13th of DECEMBER 2008. I am thinking about calling the show Made in U.S.A.
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title only:) have to get to show
through Dec. 19th
The Rematerialization of Art Ed Halter
recent reading.
Crust by Lawrence Shainburg
Current interests: Freud psychoanalysis
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also, Glomag performing at 8:00

Opening the same weekend John Giglio at artMovingProjects.


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For Immediate Release:

Aron Namenwirth: Solo Exhibition at vertexList

vertexList has the distinct pleasure to present “Made in U.S.A.”, a solo exhibition by artist and curator Aron Namenwirth.

A reception will take place on Saturday, December 13th 2008 from 7pm - 10pm, with the artist in attendance. The exhibition will be on display until Sunday, February 1st, 2009 (by appointment December 26st through January 8th).

Live performance by glomag at the reception, 8 PM.

Aron Namenwirth presents “Made in U.S.A.”, a series of meticulously rendered “pixel paintings” depicting current presidential figures (including a winner, loser, and lame-duck), as well as religious prophets and spiritual and cult leaders, and one international villain, along with several abstract works. “Made in U.S.A.” marks several years of diligent work by Namenwirth exposing the manufactured and fabricated reality presented by media production and representation of political figures as celebrities in the post-American era. The work reveals our televised reality as an atomized and reified dislocated abstraction. In other works, global mapping, satellite imagery, and landscape images are fused into a new genre of Cartesian landscapes. Seen as an accumulative process of negation, the renderings merge the tradition of painting with contemporary digital imaging in fragmentary grids that appear as frozen blurs. Namenwirth’s work certainly announces that New Media has become “now” media.

vertexList gallery hours are Friday, Saturday, Sunday 1pm - 6 pm, or by appointment.
We are located between Graham and Manhattan Avenues at 138 Bayard St. For more info
please visit our website or call 646 258 3792.
(rough cut) press release
These 7 paintings and one sculpture are concerned with the remateralization of technology,
Politics, Culture, Spirituality, and their convergence with Nature. They were made over the last three years using tape, wood, glue, acrylic paint, computer, and software. At Vertexlist for the second time Aron Namenwirth continues to play with pixels that result from blowing up digital imagery via the Internet. Some of these portraits become exposed while others remain abstract. Representational images of George Bush, Barak Obama, Osama Bin Laden, and Hillary Clinton become obvious at a distance or when one’s eye is squinted, the other paintings Extinction, Spirit Surfers, and Party City, are the combination of 4 or more images that when layered negate each other, much in the way competing radio stations on the air become static. The one sculpture is from a google map satellite blowup of Williamsburg, more particularly the areas occupied by artMovingProjects, McCarran Park and VertexList. Aron is interested in the codes of perception; just how much information is needed in order to create a recognizable image. How patterns generate associations, and how meaning is transferred through memory and experience.

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