Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cory Arcangel Adult Contemporary at Team Gallery

Photos: Aron Namenwirth from performance at New Museum last night. Basically the performance was Cory putting out (selling) a lot of ideas for new work to the sold out audience.
They were instructed to applaud the good ones and put down the bad ones, although he said ultimately he was going to do what he thought best anyway. He was very funny and reaching for the sublime that technology provides as default. His comments on lack of respect for film making and slowed down museum tour on tape elicited many giggles. If you can make the art crowd laugh that is quite an accomplishment. His show at Team is much better than the last one. The sculpture downstairs in which two computers sent out of office messages back and forth to each other is particularly excellent and seems least concerned with selling itself. Which is probably a good idea as Collectors may be saving what money they have left. this piece would be my choice if I had a room big enough to devote to it alone as was done to perfection at Team
No accounting for memory. I had a little post discussion about the event/show with Marcin Ramocki who affirms Cory a Modernist. I think that not true. While a master at taking ideas down to there basic foundations, Cory's real passions lie in the convergence of cheesy pop culture and personal taboo rule breaking. How do I get my parents pooch into the New Museum
- make him part of the performance. That the dogs tricks are lame all the better. With the death of Clement Greenburg so went the Death of Modernism and a good thing for it too. Behind every important art movement lies some great critic or critics/theorists hopefully New Media will find it's champions. If I could spell/think i might step up to the plate.

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