Tuesday, January 22, 2008

John Currin

John Currin and I were out at a bar in 1987 in Hoboken he had just met Andrea Rosen and was telling me that she was going to be the next Mary Boone. Andrea had not opened her first space yet. I said," yeah right and the stock market is going to crash tommorrow." It did.
In school John always stood out. He was making abstracted Julian Schnabel like paintings,
but was listening really carefully to William Bailey. On a studio visit, John told me that Norman Rockwell was the most important American Painter. It seems Currin is giving him a run for the money. While I understand the interest in the work it seems conservative to me, in a Ronald Reagan kinda way.


gabriela said...

Hey Aron,
Nice blog and very nice work!
I would love to do a studio visit with you- drop me a line if you're interested,

Gabriela Vainsencher

Anonymous said...

i see john currin in the tradition of fischil, that is traditional figuration with charged subject matter.
when the actual figure is more inventive or abstract,that seems more exciting to me.

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