Sunday, April 29, 2007


In my painting I want to create connections between and across vast
territories, both conceptually as well as physically. I have focused on
the digitized image, our new collective memory, which can so easily be
erased or changed, creating an alternate reality. When zoomed in on, an
image reveals its deceptive and fragmented nature. Or a perfect
homogeneity of order.

Tiny squares in different colors: the pixel which in the digital image
is the smallest unit or building block is isolated. When recombined and
zoomed-out, it makes new relationships. Here the personal and the
political cohabitate.

The paintings are made from images pixelated to hide identity or protect
the innocent from identity theft, much in the way written information
is coded. They are screen shots of a super-hero culture, camouflaged
in denial and consumer comfort. The subjects come from photographs,
either taken by me or found on the internet: lines of people waiting to
vote, shopping at Wal-Mart, grid codes, internet pornography, collateral
damage, Darfur and the Sudan, the rainforest, Antarctica, prophets,
Buddha, Mohammad, Jesus, Bin Laden, and George Bush.

The images have been thrown into Photoshop, filtered and pulverized,
rotated and layered resulting in psychedelic meditations on humanity or
lack there of. The works are diseased micro-macro culture viruses
spreading fear and destruction. My work is about the seduction of the
beautiful and the rule of the abject. How our extinction is as
inevitable as is preventable. Abstract Horror.

Aron Namenwirth 2007

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