Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top: Proof Bristle Cone Pine, in musical pot, computer keys, on cast concrete 2009-2012- makes a good bonsai, ummm not! I let these really nice people who run the Jewish service on Block Island watch three of my trees with verbal instructions for 4 days. Well this tree which is the longest living thing on the planet may have after three years bitten the dust. They showed it too much attention watering  it often and smothering the roots with love. As i have stated earlier... this tree like a career in the art world flourishes on neglect.
Middle: As Paul Slocum comments on facebook "Low-fi  posters"
Bottom: "risk change" 12x24" variable oil on linen(photos reverse) 1993-2012
Looking at this thinking might just see if i can find where i stashed the brushes.
photos from back of paintings

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