Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wall Street (Zuccotti Park)

Heading to wall street to check out the protest bringing the guitar. Things were very peaceful down in Zuccotti Park this morning, I asked a police officer for directions and he complied nicely. I found many young people soundly sleeping most without mattresses, so started my 2 hour jam quietly. There were many people visiting from all parts of the country and as far away as Pakistan camping out without long or short term plans. I proudly started the music off for today soon joined by many. The drumming on the other end of the park was sensational finding
many different styles from big band to African and rock in time. Jeremy seen at bottom shared stories of his experience living off the grid in woods of Pennsylvania drawing a picture of a water heating contraption, while listening to the "World goes round and round" and It's an new day"
which i sung very quietly. This protest had a very genuine and un- political feeling. The buzz was
sharing, be it cigarettes, guitar picks, tunes, stories, food, or information. I think the message is
those in this country who have need to be more generous.

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