Sunday, December 5, 2010

Auction for MS

"The Painter" ink on paper 18x12" 2010
Find this and many other pieces of art at the Abbey a fund raiser for MS
some artists:
abbey ryan
tania cross
justin matherly
davina semo
alejandro almanza
erica baum
birgit rathsmann
emily noelle lambert
dan kopp
scott healy
shane wilson
jay davis
dan rushton
graham parks
greg vore
aron namenwirth
emilio perez
will smith
chris dunlap
oliver michaels
helena peterson
timothy gannon
benjamin dowell
chris smith
alicia gibson
claudia pena
david malek
barbara choit
ana wolovick
nathan gwynne
adam frezza
rafeal taylor
carla edwards
johnny lancaster
patricia valencia
timothy gannon

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