Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One million dead trees

Dead Sweetgum tree

3 Pin oaks a very resilient tree but if it keeps getting nailed with no watering not going to be so green soon. This is a small sampling of damage too depressing to put up more but you get the idea.
Tulip tree

Linden tree- here it has been damaged over and over all the way around, this one is a goner.

3 dead cherry trees

White oak north 12th near bedford ave. this survived the first hit but this time does not look good.

I have been watching the new trees that have been planted around the city, Mccaron park in particular as I walk my dog there regularly and am sorry to report that 75% are dying. This is very sad for the tax payer, as a tree costs the city 300-500$ each. This is throwing valuable money away. The problem is 2 fold the lawn mowing tractors are hitting the trunks at the base which is like cutting a straw no nourishment. The weedwackers finish off the job. Further once a young tree is planted it needs care for a couple of years till its roots become established. This care is not happening. No watering for example. Here is a perfect example of green waste. Never mind all the paper posters and flyers Bloomberg used to advertise his million trees, that was probably a lot of pulp :0( .

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