Monday, January 26, 2009

Interview with Erika Knerr

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Aron Namenwirth at Vertexlist
“Made in U.S.A” Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Aron Namenwirth, Jay Davis, Kelly, Dan Kopp and "Obama"

138 Bayard Street, Brooklyn NY 11222
"Made in U.S.A" on display until February 1, 2009

by Erika Knerr

December 14, 2008: I arrived at the gallery and spoke with Marcin Ramocki, the founder of the gallery while waiting for Aron to arrive.

Erika Knerr
: Is this the old Four Walls Space?

Marcin Ramocki
: Yes, it was Four Walls until 1999, (founded by: Adam Simon) then Leo Koenig’s first space in 1999, then Mike Ballou’s Film and Slide Club, then Vertex List since 2003. I did five years and I just passed the space on to a friend of mine, Charles Beronio, who’s going to do the next five years.
The show is open regular galler hours through Feb. 1st. and has been extended till Feb. 28th. by appointment only call me or Charles also, Marcin's documentary on Williamsburg is opening at The Museum of Modern Art Feb.25th.

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Perry Hoberman came over and he said, “This is a terrible idea, this is too obvious, you’ve moved your work in a terrible direction. “You are making a one liner.”

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