Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Kiska Group these are the faces behind the Development around Mccaron Park in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Artists moving to Williamsburg.
Lisa Hein and Bob Seng
55 Berry Street #1C
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 963 – 2489
They are working on a tree project as are we.

NYC Parks and New York Restoration Project seems to be working everywhere but in front of our building. We have been trying to get a tree in front of our Building since 2000. I see them everywhere why such a holdup at 166 north 12th street. For your tree :
Aron Namenwirth

Hi There, We where wondering when we get our tree/trees? I was told someone w...
Aron Namenwirth
to Erin
More options Jan 29
Come on can you not slide us in the tree would have a chance to take root before the winter if you plant it in the spring. They are just going to drive their hugh trucks over it if you wait till the fall.
Our names are both Erin/Aron there must be a way. how about if i find the email from Nov. 2007 saying you were sending out someone to look at the location?":
All the best,

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Aron Namenwirth
to Erin
More options Jan 29
If you where here where i sit you you would make that tree happen, they are putting up a hotel next to us and we are really suffering from the demo a tree might give us a little comfort that at least they will not be pulling their trucks in front of our art gallery.
all the best aron
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